A kind and gentle Heart at rest ...


By God’s grace, Mr Asare-Brown led a fulfilled and varied life capturing over seven decades, filled with successes and accomplishments. He also faced phenomenal challenges including a long period of sickness and disability, which he could only have borne through the power of Jesus Christ.

Throughout his life, Winfred’s love and concern for others impacted many people who crossed his path as he showed respect and goodwill to all regardless of gender, age or background. Although he lived abroad for long periods of time, he remembered and cared for his relatives and friends through letters, gifts and phone calls. He was so sensitive to the needs of others that he would go without in order to accommodate others. Hence many relatives particularly the younger generation were encouraged, advised and helped towards a better application of their lives. Mr Asare-Brown’s home was always open to all and filled with fun and laughter fuelled by his cheeky grin and a twinkle in his eyes.

His life reflected a selfless ambition and an attitude fortified with integrity, humility, realism and a sense of responsibility. All who encountered him learnt a lot from his caring deeds and outstanding leadership qualities – An astounding legacy of pioneering, perseverance and exemplary living!

Mr Asare-Brown was survived by his wife, Dora and five children Winifred, Emma, Laila, Winfred (Poppy) and Bernhardt (Puncho) and six grandchildren, Denzel (Kobi) , Nikita,  Neesha-Ann, Jada, Amelia & Olivia

Image by Vinzenz Lorenz M from Pixabay