A kind and gentle Heart at rest ...


~An irreplaceable loss of a dear colleague and friend.

Annan Kato, Ghana High Commision, London

I would like your memory of me To be a happy one, of my purposeful life, Of my endless smile. I would like to leave an afterglow of smiles At each mention of my name. May the tears of loved ones and friends who grieve Dry before the rising of sun, Knowing I have run this race well, And though my life on earth is done I rest , in perfect peace." We would like to thank our friends and well-wishers for coming to share this time of grieving with us. Uncle Daddy, as he was affectionately called , would have been pleased to see all of you here, paying tribute to his name. In fact he may be watching right now with a big smile on his face. And his signature smile is what we will miss about him. In the early 1980"s when we all left Ghana, Uncle Asare-Brown became our "Daddy." He is the one we went to for guidance and direction because our parents were not abroad with us. He cared for all of us like we were his own chldren. It was not unusual for him to pick up the phone after a long day at work, to find out how everyone was doing. Daddy always kept open house : anyone could walk in for advice or a hot meal at anytime, and get a warm welcome from both he and Auntie Dora. In fact, in 1982, KB's landlord sold his home and threw all his tenants out, and a weekend visit ended up with him staying with the Asare-Brown's for 8 months. Daddy had a fantastic sense of humour which filled his home with genuine warmth and laughter. Indeed, we were all saddened by his illness, because he was no longer active. However, when you visited him, there was an unspoken communication, and you could tell from the warmth in his eyes that he was very happy to see you. He touched our lives in a real way. We can truly say that he is one of the reasons why we are who we are today. This was a man who enjoyed helping others -family or not. Back in the day when you could board a Ghana Airways flIght from Accra without a visa to London, word quickly spread in our family that if you knew the "password", you would gain instant entry into England. What was this password ? Well, one simply had to say "I'm staying with Mr Asare-Brown.....yes, he's at the Ghana High Commission. " Now, open sesame. Daddy was most amused when he found out about this password. That is how we all want to remember him - for his helpfulness and endless generosity. Daddy Asare-Brown - we wish you farewell on your journey. Rest in peace, until we meet again.


"Daddy Medaase...."

Kwabena and Susie Amponsah

"I have known Winfred Jnr & his family for over 20 years, and have only the fondest memories of the happy times I've spent with them."

Emma Martin

"May you draw strength from the Lord in this time, may HE supply all your needs."

Kwame & Beryl Banful

"Our prayers and condolences. Your father was a blessing to so many as he opened his heart to all of us."

Mina Darfoor (nee Otoo), USA

"I am lost for words to start any tribute to our "Daddy". However, I know I just have to keep pushing to accomplish any expression of my deepest sorrow upon the news of Daddy Asare Brown's transition. Like no other, He was THE MAN! The one who made many a hopeless dream a reality. When anyone could foresee nothing but futility, here comes Daddy. Though the many people who benefited from your loving kindness may have had a fervent wish to be at your side during your painful times, I know you understood like a father. You rushed to save me when there was nowhere else to look. FARE THEE WELL,MAN You are THE ONE GREAT TREE whose branches bore the uncountable buds that produced the seeds to grow more of that peculiar specimen, and may we all, your many children, accomplish our goals to uphold the beauty and grace with which you led your life, Daddy Asare Brown. THANK YOU DADDY ASARE BROWN"

Joe Mante & Family. Chicago, IL USA

"Daddy, the breadth and depth of your knowledge never ceased to amaze us and yet in our minds, it is your incessant sense of humour, goodwill, respect and love towards all people that sets you apart. How blessed we are to be called your daughters! "

Winnie, Emma & Laila

"The head of a warm wonderful family. May God grant your soul eternal rest. May he also in his perfect wisdom dry the tears of your loved ones. We thank God for your life."

Enid Owusu(Appiah-Kyeremeh) and family

"Dear beloved ones of Daddy Winfred. Our heartfelt sympathies and may God grant you safe eternal rest and a soul close to the bossom of Abraham until we meet with the Father."

Enid Owusu(Appiah-Kyeremeh) and family

"Daddy Brown, you touched my life in so many different ways. You were truly a remarkable diplomat and a very giving person. I am privileged to have had an uncle like you and I thank God I got to see you again for the last time during Christmas. You will be greatly missed and will always be my Daddy Brown. Thank YOU. Love always.......

Charles Arthur (Nana Berima) USA.

We pay tribute to the memory of our dear late, Uncle Winfred Asare Brown, a father, friend and a brother. You were not just another member of the family but a gift from God. You played your part of these titles in our lives at the relevant times. To us your nephews and nieces your death on 24th May 2007 in London was a blow to us. A situation we find difficult to accept.
Wofa Asare or Daddy, as we affectionately called him had capacity to love each one of us equally. He was gentleman, jovial, affable, open minded, studios and selfless. A good warm-hearted uncle who made many sacrifices in his life for us. He supported us from the sweat of his labour in diverse ways – in paying our school fees, in giving us a home to lay our heads, in sharing in our sorrows and joys etc.

In our youthful years he played his part for us to behave well to attract the right life partners. Our partners had to seek permission from him either by letter to him, telephoning him plus coming home to collect us and bringing us back home safely.

Your home was open to all of us. You never differentiated us from your children when they were born. We all shared your life together in your happy home here in Ghana and abroad. We bless God for your wife, our dear auntie Dora, who also accepted us as her family and cemented a bond of special unity between her and us. May God richly her.

We very much appreciate how God used you to enhance our lives. Your simple way of life has erased arrogant pride from our lives. Your life has taught us to love one another, share and support one another in ways that would help us carry or share each other’s burdens and enhance each other’s lives. You have left us with a legacy and to these, we are eternally grateful.

Some painful lives make some people love for God grow cold but your end the painful illness you went through has deepened our love for God and our dependency on Him.

Today, we just want to say “Thank you”. Till we meet in heaven we say Wofa Asare, you have fought a good fight. You have finished the race you went through, but our God we all trusted in said, He was with you throughout till the end. Go and rest in your mansion, which the Lord has prepared for his children. We will not forget you till we meet again in heaven. Damirifa Due, due ne amanehunu. Amen.


"Daddy Brown, rest in peace untill we meet again. I'll never forget you, kind, loving full of humour and all the goodness given by God. I will treasure what you did for me in my heart and the love you poured into my life. Thank you for all the good advice you gave me."

Ewurama (niece)

"Even though I never met you, I learnt a lot about you from a close friend. Your passion for education, your commitment and love for your family, and your care for humanity are all a reflection and landmarks of a true statesman. Fare thee well."

Kofi - USA

"Words and space will not permit me to say what I really want. Daddy, you were the light that brightened the paths of so many transients. Personally, you were and will always be the Sun in my Horizon. "Well-done, thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will Make thee ruler over many things , enter thou into the joy of thy LORD". .....Matthew 25 Vs. 21. Rest in Perfect Peace father to so many.......... "

Corbett Boahene & Family

A light has gone out in our lives. Indeed a bright shining light has gone out in the lives of your sisters forever. Our beloved illustrious and courageous brother deserves not only a good rest but also our fervent prayer that the Good Lord will grant him peace that passes all until we meet him on the resurrection day.

Our, Bro Kwasi was a pillar of strength to us his sisters and the entire family. He always inspired and gave a lot of himself taking very little in return. He had a great liking for all his family members and others outside, home and elsewhere.

Kwesi was full of dynamism, love, wisdom and diplomacy. He was a gentleman, talented and intelligent. He lived his life with such humility that we were always comfortable in his presence. He always took a keen interest in our lives and children and the efforts we were making to move on in life. His delight in the modest progress we made urged us on. Our brother’s death has not only shocked us but it has essentially left us with inexpressible sorrow. We however take consolation in that fact that the Almighty God in his infinite wisdom and power knows everything concerning our great loss.

May your parents and grandparents, all family and friends, gone before you, welcome you warmly unto the other side. May the good Lord receive you with open arms into heaven. May all the angels guide your steps and mother earth lie lightly on your mortal remains. May your soul and the souls of the faithful departed rest in everlasting peace. Yes, God be with you till we meet again.


TRIBUTE TO MR ASARE BROWN "There are men, who make an indelible mark in your life because of their integrity. This was how best to describe my first meeting with Mr Asare Brown in his office in Queens Gate. Amongst many other things he was in charge of Ghanaian students in London. The first thing that struck me was that he was genuinely concerned about all Ghanaian students, whether they were on government of Ghana scholarships, scholarships arranged by/through the government or whether they were privately funded. He simply told me that he couldn’t understand why students were lying to try to get scholarships. He said all they had to do was to truthfully say that they were not prepared to be bonded for 5 years after they finished their studies. Too many students that being bonded was a prerequisite to being given a scholarship. He then went onto lecture me on the virtue and power of the truth. Over the next several years, I learned many things from the feet of this great man. He had taken a genuine interest in my life, shared my joys and disappointments with me. Truly, the world has lost a fine person. Mr Asare Brown, rest in peace"


"I have been thinking about Emma, Winifred, Laila and Kwesi and their parents for years now and today October 2, 2009, I decided to google Emma’s name and I found this on the internet. This is really sad. May Jehovah bless this family and bring peace and comfort to them. It sad to hear of your Daddy’s death. My heart reaches out to you. Your father was a great man. God bless you all."

Juliana Choful Addy (mate of Emma at Complex).

images by Annie Spratt